How Does Whatsapp Make Money This is 6 very easy ways 2020


How Does Whatsapp Make Money : We all know how much money has importance in our life, everyone wants to earn money, for this they work hard but even then they are not able to earn as much money as they want. So today we are going to tell you Easy way to earn money from whatsapp, by which you can earn money sitting at home very easily.

Today there is hardly any smart phone user who does not use WhatsApp because WhatsApp is the most used app in the whole world. Friends, do you know that you can earn money sitting at home from WhatsApp, yes it is absolutely true, apart from sharing photos, videos on WhatsApp, you can also earn money from it.

If you want to get money online from home, then we have come up with a solution to your problem, today we are going to tell you about making money from WhatsApp.

How Does Whatsapp Make Money

How Does WhatsApp Make Money

We all use WhatsApp to send messages and send photos, videos, audio, and we can only do this if we have the person’s mobile number in front of us (which we want to message).

The process of making money from WhatsApp is like this if we want more and more online Earn Money then we should have many Whatsapp numbers. When we send them a message and the procedure written within that message is followed by our friend, it will earn us income and after that our income will start.


Before knowing how to earn money from WhatsApp, you need to know what things you will need for Make money online.

  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection in mobile
  • Mobile number of WhatsApp users

For Make money from whatsapp, all we need is a WhatsApp number. You will need, if you do not have this number, then you should start looking for the number because these WhatsApp numbers can give you money.

A little easier way

If you have a lot of WhatsApp numbers, then it will be difficult to send messages to everyone one by one, so there is an option of a broadcast name in WhatsApp, you can add more than 256 people in a broadcast, so your work is very much It will be easy.

You only have to send one message and all the people in your broadcast will get the message so that you will have to send the message only once, not sending messages to different people, see friends or easy way.

Ways to make money with whatsapp

Friends, if you want to earn money from WhatsApp, then we have all 6 ways to earn money from WhatsApp, which you were told below.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Online Teaching
  3. Link shortening
  4. Selling your own product
  5. PPD networks
  6. Own promotion

 Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, we have to sell the product, we have to send it to our friend in our WhatsApp message that if you buy this product, if your friend buys that product then you will get commission from that product’s website, yes friends, heard right You, let us know how we can do Affiliate Marketing.

We have to first create our Affiliate Account on online products selling website like- Flipkart, Amazon etc. As soon as your Affliate account is created, you will become eligible to sell the product, then you can create your affiliate link by opening any product you want to sell.

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As soon as your link is made, you will have to send it to your friend on WhatsApp, if your friend buys that product then you will get commission on that product, in this way you can Make money from whatsapp from Affiliate Marketing.

Online Teaching

If you keep talent in any field and you want to transfer that talent to other people, then you can easily learn How to earn money sitting at home.

All you have to do is find your students, who really want to learn something and then you can take Fees from them through Online Teaching, similarly how you can earn money from WhatsApp.

Link shortening

Link Shortening means to shorten any link, if we shorten any website then we will get another website but the location of that website will be reached on the same website that you had interchanged, on the website with shorten link and The more people who visit your link, the more you will get money, in this way also you can be Earn money sitting at home.

Sell your own made product

We can also sell our own products, we can share the link on WhatsApp to promote whatever is on our website or our blog. If your friend buys your product then it is obvious that you have to be profitable and you will be able to earn money online.

PPD networks

PPD networks mean Pay Per Download, it is similar to 50% Affiliate Marketing, in this we have to share our link and we get income from whoever downloads from our link. There are many PPD sites from which we can make good income. This is very beneficial for Make money online.

Own promotion

We can also earn money by promoting ourselves on WhatsApp, such as if we have a website or blog, we can also earn very good earnings by sending its link to our friends, we can also promote our business through WhatsApp.


So friends, these were the ways to earn money from WhatsApp, through which you can earn good money on WhatsApp, but friends, you cannot make your income regular by these methods, so use these methods according to part time only. Friends, one thing we give you is that earning money is not so easy that you have searched on the Internet and to earn money, everyone has to work hard because nothing is possible without hard work.

Hope you have understood everything about How to make money from whatsapp. If any of your friends who want to earn money online, then also share with them the way to earn money through WhatsApp.