Types of Computer In English How Many Types of Computer 2020


Types of Computer In English How Many Types of Computer

Types of Computer In English When we talk about computers, computers in our homes or offices come to our mind or we start thinking about laptops and notebooks. In fact, computers are not limited to this. Computers are all around us. We can classify them into different categories based on size, application and functionality.

Types of Computer In English

Computer type left. But, we are in the main category of three sections of computer. But the fourth new type also includes these things. You have four types of computers.

The basis of the application is the type of computer

Types of Computers In English

Types of Computers In English

#1. Analog Computer

In an analog computer object, the geographical volume (pressure, temperature, length, height, etc.) of the machine, its statistical proportions (continuous) changes are recorded. The performance of analog computers is fast. The resulting graph is obtained. Analog computers are not a statistics store. Their use includes techniques, science, education, and so on. The thermometer is an analog computer.

#2. Digital Computer

This computer is different from analog computer. A computer is informed that the fig process is called a digital computer. Information for digital registration for digital computer binary systems (0,1). Yes computer is capable of doing mathematical and logical work. As such, the calculator yes computer alog nalog computer is somewhat harmless but the result is more refined. Digital computers can store information. A digital computer is a calculator and an analog computer is a map.

#3. Hybrid Computer

These computers include an analog computer and a digital computer. Hybrid computers are faster and consequently purer than two types of computers. In a digital digital computer the computer has to work with the controller and the number, ghost, analog computer problem solving. Their use has been replaced by complex mathematical equations, scientific design and defense. Gasoline pump machine, speedometer etc. Hybrid computers are handy.

Purpose type on the computer

#1. General Purpose Computer

The computer you use today is an all-purpose computer. You, this is a general design computer reading and we have also created this on a general design computer. A typical design computer is a computer that controls many activities. You can use it to write search documents, your home, office budget, business sales chart, etc. with one machine. Desktops, notebooks are all common design computers. Types of Computer In English

#2. Special purpose computer

As the name suggests, this type of computer requires certain functions. It’s like working. For example, transportation planning, season storytelling, etc. This type of computer is much faster than a normal computer. However, these computers cannot perform the functions of a normally designed computer.

Size The type of computer

#1. Microcomputer

A microcomputer is a computer that grows rapidly and is used personally. It’s all at least cheap and lightweight. This size is too small. The general design of this type of computer is loved, including entertainment, education, home and office things. PC, notebook, laptop, PDA (personal digital assistant) “microcomputer”. Types of Computer In English

#2. Work station

A computer is usually called a workstation connected to a network. Inco has patrons in the cult of business and professionals. These computers are faster and more convenient than microcomputers.

#3. Mini computer

Mini computers are also called ‘mid range computers’. Information provided by small businesses and business organizations using this. Mini computers are not popular for single users. The company needs the company to use the special process through your department. Types of Computer In English

#4. Mainframe computer

The mainframe computer is faster and more efficient than all the computers described above. Data is collected from founders, large companies used by Inc. Yes the computer is very close in size.

#5. Super Computer

The super computer is by far the fastest and most powerful computer. Yes computers are very large and expensive in size. Ink large organization research tasks, weather news, technicians, etc. Uses functions. Summit supercomputers are by far the fastest supercomputers. They had gone to America. Types of Computer In English

India became our all time super computer – 8000 in 1991. Param Computer was developed by C-DAC, an organization of the Government of India. After Paramatma, India makes all supercomputers. And many are even included in the top 500 supercomputers. Why India is the fastest supercomputer Pratyush and Mihir.

Computer Information In English History of Computer

Modern computers


Nowadays cell phones, commonly called mobile phones, can do a lot of work through computers. You can browse the internet, games, documents, calculations etc. in your mobile phone. Can. Today’s smartphone said.


Wearable means wearable The right tools Bacteria are specific types of any organ of the body. Yes equipment makes specific parts for any task. Smartwatches, fitness trackers “wearable computers”.

Game console

A game console is a type of computer. Which introduces video game games on TV. Such as; Xbox, Play Station


Nowadays you can monitor in the category of TV i.e. television as well as computer. You can also work on TV, internet, random shopping, video streaming, etc.

what have you learned?

In this lesson, we have given you complete information about the type of computer. You have learned about different types of computers and you are also familiar with modern computers. We hope you find this lesson useful.