What is FASTag, How it works and how to buy information


What is Fastag in Car To facilitate drivers and reduce corruption, the government has recently introduced the FASTag facility on toll tax.

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So what is this FASTag and how to use it? We are sharing this information with you today.

The way digitization has received a boost in the past years. Today we are able to do many things online. Similarly if you are a driver and want to get rid of long lines on toll tax. So Fastag is designed to help you.

You should start using Fastag from today. Apart from professional drivers, this digital toll system has also been appreciated by the common people.

If you want to use Fastag, but what is Fastag, how does it work, where and how to buy Fastag? If you want to know the answers to questions etc. then this article is only for you.

For convenience, we have divided it into the following parts.

What is FASTag

FASTag is an automated toll collection system that deducts tolls from a driver’s Fastag prepaid account using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology on national and state highways in India. The FASTAG system is part of the National Electronic Toll Collection Program, which was made mandatory on 1 December 2019. Fastag is operated by the National Highways Authority of India.

What is FASTag

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India. This facility has been introduced to reduce cash transactions at toll plazas.

From 1 December 2020, Fastag service is being provided at more than 420 toll plazas in the country under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. If you also use FASTag and pass through these toll plazas then you will not have to stop anywhere to pay toll-tax on the way.

But the major problem is for those who are still not using FASTag. Because they will have to pay double damages if invoiced.

As we all know, when we enter from one state to another with our car or any other vehicle, toll-tax is taken on the basis of the vehicle at the toll plaza. But whenever you pass your vehicle from any toll plaza through FASTag, automatic toll-tax will be deducted from your bank account.

If during the journey on the highway, you are inconvenienced by the toll plaza. So now your problem is diagnosed with FASTag. Now this facility has been introduced in big cities of the country. And in the coming times, it is expected that FASTag service will be introduced in other toll plazas of the country to promote digital transactions in the country.

If you often leave your car on long drive, we can say that you can convert your car into a VIP car with this service.

Because to pay the toll charges you neither have to stop your car nor scan any QR code and pay online. As soon as you reach the toll plaza via auto functionality, the toll charge becomes an automatic deduction.

Explain that whatever amount will be in your FASTag account, you cannot share it with any other FASTag user. That is, only one account can be used under one vehicle.

Now the question may come in your mind that how do you charge automatic charges from our bank through FASTag. So let’s know to understand this

How FASTag works

FASTag is a device based on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The FASTag sticker is applied to the vehicle’s Wind Screen (front main mirror).

As the vehicle passes the toll plaza, the sensor on the toll plaza scans the fastag on the vehicle’s wind screen. Due to which information of that vehicle gets lost and toll tax charge is deducted from your Fastag account.

You can connect FASTag account directly to your bank account or to Prepaid e-Wallet. We will talk about it further in detail and if your FASTag account balance gets exhausted, then you have to get it top-up / recharge.

Explain that once you buy FASTag, its validity is up to 5 years. And after this validity you will have to purchase another FASTag for your vehicle and put it in the car.

Benefits of using FASTag

The question is bound to come to the mind of every driver, what benefit will they get from using Fastag? Money is reaching the government. What are the benefits to drivers and vehicle owners?

Apart from the government, some direct benefits are also being given to the vehicle owners and drivers, whose information is given below.

# 1 no cache needed

FASTag has been created so that people can become more involved in digital transactions. Therefore, while using FASTag, you will not need to keep cash in your pocket for toll charges.

Also you do not need to go to offline store to recharge FASTag. You can recharge FASTag via credit card, debit card or net banking. You can recharge up to a minimum of ₹ 100 and a maximum of F 100000 in FASTag.

# 2 Transaction SMS

As soon as toll charges are paid from your bank account, SMS arrives at your mobile number registered on your mobile via SMS. And you get instant information about how many rupees have been deducted from your FASTag account.

# 3 Accident Insurance

If the driver dies in the event of a road accident. Therefore FASTag provides an accident cover to the on duty driver, which is up to AST 1,00,000 to the drivers. Therefore, FASTag is also beneficial for the driver in terms of safety.

To attract people towards fast accident, option is being given by giving accident insurance. However, this bait is a necessary and commendable step in the safety of drivers.

# 4 saving time and fuel

Now you will get relief from the long queue of vehicles at the toll plaza. Because FASTag is read by a reloadable tag and automatically, toll charges are deducted from your bank account.

Therefore, drivers using FASTag will no longer have to spend their fuel and time for cash transactions on the highway.

This means that both the vehicle and the driver have a direct benefit. There will be no unnecessary stop load on the vehicle and the extra fuel load on your pocket will be reduced.

So you did not save!

# 5 a web portal

A web portal has been created for customers using the FASTag facility. Where they can get details of all the payment of toll tax. For this, only users have to log in with their FASTag account on the FASTag customer portal.

# 6 Cashback Offer

A major advantage of doing online transactions is that users often get cashback. So FASTag is new in India right now and more and more people will use it. Therefore, cashback facility is also being provided. Therefore, you can get a cashback of 2.5% on all national toll payments.

How can you buy FASTag?

You have several options for purchasing FASTag. You can buy your FASTag with the help of these methods.

  1. National Highway Authority of India from NHAI Sales Centers
  2. Through online shopping sites such as Amazon
  3. Online payment wallet like Paytm
  4. Apart from this, banks are also giving you the facility to buy FASTag.

So you can buy FASTag by choosing any method according to your convenience. Below we are giving information about each how you can buy fastag?

How to buy Fastag from NHAI?

If you want to buy FASTag from NHAI sales centers, then you should know about your nearest NHAI sales center.

My FASTag app can help you in this task. This is the official app of the government, through which you can view your nearest NHAI Fastag sales center. So let’s see how you can get information about the sales center.

Step: # 1 Download My FASTag App

First you go to the play store. And search my FASTag app in search bar. This app will come to the top after searching. Tap on its name. Then tap on the install button and install it successfully in your mobile.

Step: # 2 Allow Permissions

Some apps have to be given an app during install. Therefore, following the instructions on the screen, allow the permissions sought.

Step: # 3 Find Nearby Sales

Now you will see the option of Buy NHAI FASTag and tap on it. Then tap on the search for a nearby point of sale. After coming here, choose your state and choose a city.


After doing this, you will see a list of NHAI Fastag sales centers.

Apart from this, by entering the PIN code number of your area, you can also get information about Fastag sales centers.

# 4 Step: Buy  Fastag

Now you go to one of the sales centers and buy Fastag for yourself by showing the necessary documents.

How to buy fastag from bank?

The Government of India has also authorized some banks to sell FAStag. The list of which is given below. You can buy Fastag for yourself by going to the nearest branch of these banks.

Step: # 1 Find an Authorized Bank

First of all, get information about authorized banks through Fastag app. By the way, all the big banks are authorized for this work, so you do not need to concentrate much.

Banks are State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc. for this task.

Step: # 2 Visit Bank’s Website

Now go to the bank’s website and click on the option for Request FASTag.

Step: # 3 Buy  Fastag

Once here, fill in the required information and buy Fastag for yourself.

How to buy fastag from online shopping sites?

You can also buy Fastag from online shopping ports like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall. This facility will prove beneficial for those who like online shopping.

Step: # 1 Go to  Amazon

First of all go to amazon on your mobile or computer. After doing this you will reach the homepage of Amazon.

Step: # 2 Find Fastag

Find Fastag here or click Fastag available on the homepage.

Step: # 3 Buy FASTag

Then log on and follow the screen instructions. You will buy Fastag soon.

How to buy fastag from paytm

Step: # 1 Open Paytm

First of all, open the Paytm app on your mobile phone. If your mobile phone does not have a Paytm app, then first download the Paytm app and install it. See this guide for help.

Step: # 2 Tap on fastag

After the Paytm app is open, its main menu has the option of Fastag, which you can see by touching the screen to the left. When you reach Fastag, tap on it.

Step: # 3 Choose instrument

After doing this you will get many options related to FASTag in Paytm app. You can buy FASTag for your personal car or commercial vehicle from here. If you want to order Fastag for your car or jeep, tap on Buy Fastag for the car option.

Step: # 4 Fill the instrument information

After this, you will have to give information about your selected instrument to Paytm. For this you use the information given in RC (Certificate of Registration). And upload a copy of it too.

  1. Add Vehicle Number – First type your vehicle registration number here.
  2. Upload the front of RC – After this, tap on the front photo of RC and take a photo to upload the front part of RC. Then tap on the back photo of RC to upload the back part.

After entering the registration number, you get to see the payment details here, how much you will have to pay for purchasing FASTag and what are the charges included in it.

Step: # 5 Enter delivery address

Now you will get to see the delivery address. By default, your delivery address will be the same as where you order a product in Paytm. Or you can add delivery address here if you want.

Now below you are being told that it is free shipping. Also, you are not given the facility to return or cancel again.

Step: # 6 Pay 

So after reading these information, finally tap on Buy Now button given below. As soon as you tap on this button, you are asked the payment method. Here you can use Paytm wallet or debit / credit card, net banking.

After successful payment, the date on which this FASTag show is performed will be delivered to your home on the same date.

After that you can stick it to your car with fastag stickers. And you can start using it. If you want to recharge FASTag then you can do it only through Paytm wallet. Also, at the toll plaza, your wallet will be deducted from the Paytm wallet.

Some FAQs related to FASTag – general FAQs about FASTag

Question # 1 – What documents are required to purchase Fastag?

Answer – To buy Fastag, in addition to your personal information, you need vehicle information. You can make this information available to the government through the following documents.

Documents required for fastag

  • RC (Registration Certificate)
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • KYC Documents
  •          Photograph
  •          Driving License
  •          PAN Card
  •          Passport
  •          Voter ID
  •          Aadhar card (in address)

Question # 2 – How much does Fastag cost?

Answer – From 400 to to 500 may be required to purchase Fastag for the first time. Of which ₹ 100 will be charged for issuing Fastag. While will 200 is refundable deposit and account 100 will be deposited in your Fastrack account for toll-tax. Which you can increase later.

Question # 3 – Fastag how many years, its duration?

Answer – Fastag was initially released for 5 years. After this period ends, you will have to buy a new fastag again.

Question # 4 – If I have more than one device, will Fastag work? Or do I have to buy more tags?

Answer – If you have two or more vehicles, you will need a separate FASTag for each vehicle to use FASTag.

Question # 5 – If my fast is broken or destroyed due to any reason, what option do I have?

Answer – In this case you have to take a new fastag, for which you have to charge 200 separately.

Question # 6 – My car is fast but how will I pay? And how do I know that my toll-tax has been deducted?

Answer – When you reach a toll plaza, there will be different toll lines. You must pass through your Gari Fastag line. Therefore, take the car to the fastag line.

The line will have a fastag scanner that will scan the fastag code installed in your car and reduce the appropriate toll amount. After deducting this amount, you will get a message immediately.

The interesting thing will be that you do not have to wait to pay the toll.

Question # 7 – If I do not take the train to the Fastag line, will my toll not be deducted.

Answer – Do not try to be smart. If you do this, you will pay double the toll. Therefore, the advantage lies in moving your car from the first to the fastag line.

Question # 8 – If the balance in my Fastag account is exhausted, how will I put money in it?

Answer – When there is no money left in your Fastag account, you will have to recharge Fastag. Which you can do through credit / debit card, net banking, NEFT / RTGS, check etc. You can recharge a maximum of one lakh and a minimum of ₹ 100.

Question # 9 – Where to complain about resolution of any problem related to Fastag?

Answer – You should report any problem related to Fastag to the organization that issues Fastag. Suppose you bought Fastag from Paytm, then you should contact the Fastag helpline of Paytm Customer Care.

what have you learned?

In this article, we have given you complete information about Fastag. You know what Fastag is, how Fastag works, what are the benefits of Fastag?

Together you have to know four ways to buy fastag. We hope that this article will prove useful to you. And it will help increase your Astag knowledge.

You are requested to share this article with all your knowledgeable drivers and vehicle owners.