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how to increase blog traffic In 2020?

how to increase blog traffic Nowadays most of the new bloggers are bringing traffic to their blog so that they can earn online, it is very annoying. Today we are sharing our experiences on how to increase traffic to your blog, so that you too can increase traffic to your blog

How To Increase Blog Traffic The most important thing in blogging is that you always keep practicing to learn new and use it in your blog because as soon as you experiment something new, it is an important part in making you more successful

how to increase blog traffic how to increase blog traffic

You should look at blogging information instead of just reading it on the blog, because always trying, is the way to your success. We are sharing some tips on how to increase traffic on your blog, which will make it easier to bring traffic to your new and old blog

We have explained the solution to increase traffic on the blog in 2 parts, so that those who are new and old bloggers can help in increasing the views of their blog

How to increase traffic to new blog?

Pay attention to the theme and design of the blog – If you have started your new blog and you are thinking how to get more traffic to the blog, then first you have to design your blog theme professionally

If you do not design your blog properly, then visitors will leave the blog immediately if you do not like the design of your website. This will increase the bounce rate of your blog, which spoils the blog’s ranking in Google

Do keyword research and keep the content ready for 1 month – You should do keyword research on which topics you want to write first on the category you have targeted

Also, you should prepare a list of 1 month’s content before going live on the blog and you can upload 2-3 posts per day as per your wish and will be able to prepare a list of content for the next month

What is keyword research and how to do?

If you are searching on the internet about how to bring traffic and readers to your blog, then you should first focus on keyword research

Keywords are a kind of questions that people are searching for and want to know about it, then you should do keyword research for topics related to your category. You can also use Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Everywhere tool to do keyword research, both these tools are free

You select the keywords of low competition of the new blog and include the question related to it in your list so that the first search of your blog will be done, so that your content will also be considered of high quality

How to increase traffic on the blog

Let’s take an example of this. If you want to write content on “how we are thin” then you should also include in your article “how many days we can lose weight”, “what are the right diet to be thin” , “How many days can we be thin”, etc

To write any topic, you should put your topic in the search query in Google search and include those suggestions which come down in your content. In addition to the main keywords, it will also bring traffic from related topics.

Submit your blog to the search engine – When you have prepared your blog, you can submit your blog to Google search engine, you can see the article on how to submit it to Google

You can use Google Trends for posts – if your blog is new then initially you can prepare your content on the topics of Google Trends. With this, you will get to know about new topics daily and writing content on such topics will bring traffic to your blog

First you write Google Trends in Google and go to that link. There you will get the option to target which country you want to target on the right side, now click on the country you are targeting. Now in the left corner you have to click on Google Trends and click on trending search

how to get traffic to your blog

Now you will see the category along with real time search and daily time search, from here you will be able to see what people are searching, you can make your topics accordingly

Increase traffic with the help of Google News – You can see topics in Hindi and English from Google News and if you have a Hindi blog, then you can choose your topics from Google News Hindi. With the topics of Google News, you can bring visitors to your new blog.

Try for three months to have at least 400 posts on your new blog – Google nowadays pays attention to the new website, so you also have to show your blog in Google that you are not a fake publisher and you try for 3 consecutive months. Have to do at least 400 posts on your website.

Your post must be at least 600-700 words. If you publish content every day for 3 consecutive months, then Google will rank your content on its own, just you have to keep in mind that keyword stuffing in your content (ie writing and focusing on the same keyword over and over again) ) Do not have to.

You can optimally write your article even if it does not take you 2 to 3 hours to write at least one article. Put the right content on your website so that your visitors trust your site.

You must update SEO title and meta description while uploading your blog post.

By using these tips for the first three months, you will be able to get traffic in the beginning, but if you aim to earn money from your blog for a long time, then we are also going to tell you how to bring high traffic and visitors to your old blog.

What to do to increase traffic on old blogs?

You can follow these tips to get high traffic on old blogs. These tips will definitely help in bringing your blog post to the top.
Keep updating the content regularly – You should keep updating the old posts of your blog regularly and include new information in that post. By doing this, your blog post’s ranking in Google is good. Google also gives importance to updated content.
SEO off-page on 10-20 topics per month – you should do off-page SCO in your blog. Off page SEO is for promoting your blog in internet for which you have to take back link from other website.
When creating a backlink, you should keep in mind that the website on which you are creating a link has the domain authority of that website and what are the spam scores.

What are domain authorities?

Domain authorities state what recognition a website or blog has in Google. Domain authorities are counted between 1 and 100, served by the Moz tool. If you create a link on high domain authority, then the authority of your blog also increases. Due to which the ranking of the post is good, it comes in the top.

Drive Traffic from Social Media – Know your website and blog, believe that you should create your blog page on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
From there, you can take traffic from these social media platforms by posting a link to your website every day or per week. Social media are a good way to bring traffic to the website.
Be active on Quora and other question answering sites – By creating your account on Quora, you can increase traffic to your blog by answering the questions asked by people there.
If you have a post from the question put by people on your blog, then you can add a link to your article by answering that question in Kora and take traffic from there.

What to keep in mind –

  • First you check the question on blank
  • Do not post spam content while answering a question
  • Give your regular time on the Kora platform
  • People should have a little confidence in you and your content starts getting
  • views only then start giving links to your blog there.
  • Be sure to read Gora’s rules and rules

Post a guest – A guest post means submitting your post to someone else’s blog. For guest posts, you can approach the owner of a blog by mail to post your post on his blog. To make a guest post, search for a website linked to your blog post.

To submit a guest post, you may have to pay a few rupees to the blog owner and many of the website owners also post your article in free. Your article should be of high quality and most importantly it should be helpful to the article visitors.

Reply to the comment – If considered, then it is a small matter why you should reply to the comment on your blog. But if you help the visitor by answering the correct comment, then people have confidence in you and they also like that the blog owner answers their comment.

how to get blog traffic

Focus on blog speed – You should always pay attention to the speed of your blog, how much time your blog is taking to load. Your blog should be mobile friendly.

To speed up your blog in the phone, you can use the free plugin Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) of WordPress. This plugin takes a few seconds to open your page. For the speed of the blog, you should also optimize the photos that have been inserted in your blog.

Pay attention to the error of search console – you should also keep checking the error in the search console of your blog if there is any error coming to your blog for some reason. You can remove this error yourself or with the help of a developer.

Keep checking Google updates constantly – Google nowadays updates its search engine algorithm every 2-3 months. If your blog is hit by any algorithm, it makes a huge difference in traffic as well as ranking and reduces traffic. So we should work according to Google’s policy.

The most important thing that is important for you is that you should regularly update high quality content on your blog. Do not give gap in between.

Hope to be aware that how to increase traffic on the blog,that you will like this information and will also prove beneficial for you.


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