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How to turn off screen overlay Screen Overlay Detected 2020

How to turn off screen overlay, how to remove screen fix screen overlay detected, In today’s times mobile phones do not use cones, as without mobile people, in today’s time there is no work, to take information about something or click photos or watch videos, you can easily Can work with the help of mobile phone. And the use of Android phones is increasing rapidly all over the world so that you get different types of mobile apps in Android.

But many times when we install these android apps in mobile and give some permission, we have a message show screen overlay separated and now if you try to fix this problem, this problem is not correct is. After all, what makes this screen overlay different from people?

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How to fix it i.e. how to turn off screen overlay  problem (How to turn off Screen Overlay Detected problem), then in this article you will get the complete information of Screen Overlay Detected Problem.

Screen overlay detection is a very difficult problem that shows you when any mobile app is allowed, so when you allow an app, the screen overlay is on (screen over). You see an error (error) of the screen overlay isolated (screen overlay detected)

In addition, the message will be written (to change this permission setting, you must first close the screen overlay from the Settings app), so many people follow the steps to close the screen overlay but still not close Are, to solve any problem, you must know it first

After all, what is the problem and why did it come, so before fixing the screen overlay problem, it is important to know when and why the screen overlay comes apart and in mobile? (Know what is screen overlay ) so let’s know

What is Screen Overlay Detected

How to turn off screen overlay

In Android mobile, the screen overlay is a part of an app or a feature that lets you know that the screen of the second app runs over one app in the screen of your mobile means that the screen of the second app on top of a mobile app Or moving is called Screen Overlay
Let’s understand this as an example, suppose you are chatting with your friends in WhatsApp Messenger and at the same time a message comes in your Facebook Messenger, then a small icon of Messenger comes on top of the screen of WhatsApp chat.

how to remove screen overlay

That is, we overlay it, we call it screen overlay, and because of this, you get screen overlay Detected in the screen of the mobile when you give permission to an app, then this problem is mostly you Android version 6.0. That is, it is seen in the Android marshmallow version, so let’s know how to fix this problem, that is, how to remove screen overlay.

How to turn off Screen Overlay Detected

1. Go to Mobile Settings and click on Applications.

So here you have to first go to Mobile’s Settings to fix the Screen Overlay Detected problem, then click on Settings> Applications
2. Now click on More then apps that can appear on the top
As soon as you click on the application, after that you have to click on the application manager, then after this you will get all the mobile apps installed in your mobile, so after that the option of the top side more is visible, then you will Clicking on it then apps that can appear on the top.

 apps that can appear on the top

In some mobile phones, apps that can appear on the top, you will get the option of Display Over Other Apps, then you have to click on it. Not written in the same way

3. Now turn off all options and close all tabs.

Now you will see many apps which are installed in your mobile and the option in front of them will be turn on, then you have to turn off all these options one by one, after that all the apps open in your mobile. Let’s close all those apps i.e. close all the tabs.

How to turn off screen overlay

Note: In some mobiles, all these options will be different, then if you do not get these options, then for this you follow these steps Applications> Advanced> Special app Access> Display Over Other Apps Then click on each app Then select on its No.

How to turn off screen overlay & What is Screen Overlay Detected

Apart from this, some apps may not work in your mobile, to close all these options, then those apps which will not work, turn those apps back on and then only those apps will work.

4. Now give permission to mobile app
As soon as you close all the tabs, after that you have to go to the settings of the mobile again, then you have to click on the applications, after that you have to choose the app in which the mobile app is showing you the problem. Screen Overlay Detected and then force stop it and then by clicking on permission, whatever permission is needed, give the permission to the mobile app.
So, after following this step, the screen show that was showing the problem in your mobile apps will no longer show the screen overlay detected, but even if the message show of the screen overlay is still there If it is happening, restart the phone at once and then follow these steps again, this problem will be solved in your mobile.

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