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Hindi Movies4U Telugu Bollywood Movie 2019 – 2020 : Download Latest Bollywood and Hollywood HD Movies! As soon as the new film is released, the eagerness to watch it increases first, but today we do not have to wait to come on TV to see the new film. Because today we all have internet, so that we can watch our latest and favorite movies whenever we want.

Movies4u Telugu Hollywood Movies

Movies4u Hollywood Movies Movies4u Bollywood Online Movies4umovies4u hollywood movies

But the question is, how to watch the latest film for free? Because New Movie releases only in theaters, where one has to buy tickets to watch the movie. But if you want to know how to watch the latest movies for free? So stay till the end in this article today!

Today we are going to give you information about a movie site from where you can download the latest movies for free.

Yes, this website called Friends Movies4u Telugu gives users the opportunity to watch the latest Hollywood, Bollywood movies on the Internet. So if you also want to enjoy the latest movies

In this article you will know what is Movies4U? How to download movies from this site? Which movies are available here? And is it safe or legal to watch movies from here? You will get complete information in this article, so let’s start with Movies4U?

Movies4U 2020: Download Latest Bollywood and Hollywood HD Movies

Movies4u is a great site to download friends hollywood and bollywood latest movies, in this site you get to see new hollywood movie first. Apart from this, if you want to watch Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi, you can also watch it on the Movies4u Telugu  site.

Friends Movies4u Telugu site also leaks new Bollywood movies on the internet, so every month millions of people visit this website to download newly released Hindi films. Let’s know which movies you will get to see on this website.

Download the latest Hollywood and Hindi movies on Movies4U

On the Friends Movies4u Telugu website, you will get to see more than 20 types of movies! According to your interest in romance, reality, sport, thriller etc., the type of movie you want to watch will be found on the Movies4u Telugu website.

Friends, with the help of this website you can also download movies according to their release year. If you know the release year of your favorite movie, you can choose it and download that movie.

And if you want to download popular movies, you will get a category of most viewed movies. In which you can see posters of the most popular movies of the site. So friends let’s talk

How to download movies from movies4u website?

First, paste this URL into the search bar of https://movies4u.co/movies/ browser.

Now you will come to the official website of movies 4u! You will see that posters of all the latest Hollywood movies are appearing! You can download any of these movies by clicking on them.

Suppose you want to download the new Bollywood movie from the Movie 4u site, then you go to the category of Indian films.

After that you will see the names of all the latest Bollywood movies! Click on any of your favorite Bollywood movies that you want to download.

Friends, a new page will open in front of you! Which will show many links to download that movie! You click on any link.

Now that film will start streaming online in New Page. And if you want to download the movie, the movie will start downloading as soon as you complete the further downloading steps.

Friends, you have seen how you can easily watch movies with the help of Movie 4u website.

All Categories

After visiting the friends site you will see a menu menu! In which you will see that there are categories of different films, let’s talk about some special categories.

Action Movies

Friends, by clicking on this category, you will get to see all the popular action movies of Hollywood and Bollywood. So if you like to watch action movies, then you will get to see more than one action movies in Hollywood on this category! Which you can download from this site in Free.

Drama Movies

Friends, this category also has a collection of more than 4,000 films, in which you will get to see most of Hollywood movies. So you can fall into this category and start downloading any movie you want to watch.

Hindi Dubbed Movies

Friends, if you want to download recently released latest Bollywood movies, popular Hollywood movies in Hindi language, then in this category you will see all the Hollywood movies that you will be able to watch in Hindi.

Bollywood Movies

Friends, this category is for fans of the latest Bollywood movies, as you will only see the latest Bollywood movies in this category! You can download the latest Bollywood movies such as Housefull 4, Judmental Hai Kya, through this category of Indian films.

Romance Movies

A romance category has been created for users watching Hollywood romantic movies, where you will get to see a collection of new Hollywood romantic movies! From which you will be able to download and watch any movie.

Thriller movies

If you want to enjoy Hollywood movies for free, then this category is for you. In which you will get to see more than 2500 categories of movies!

Friends, if you want to enjoy all these latest movies to be released in 2019, then through this category you can easily download any movie.


Friends, if you want to enjoy Hollywood secret movies, you can start downloading and watching any of the movies in this category.

So guys, there were some special film categories, apart from that you see some other categories in the menu which are the following:

Trending Movies

In this category of Friends Trending Movies, you will find a collection of new Bollywood, Hollywood movies. The special thing is that you can download all these trending movies in full HD.

Featured Movies

Here you will find the latest Hollywood, Bollywood Movies collection! And you will be able to see all the new films released this year under this section.

So guys, that’s how we talked about all the main categories of Movie4u website, let’s know

Latest working URL of Movies4U 2020

Friends, in the year 2020, many domains of the Movie4u site have been blocked so far, and till now, the domains of the Movie4u site have been blocked several times on government orders:

In such a situation, it becomes necessary for users who download the movie from the Movie4u site to find the latest domain of this website. So that if any Url gets blocked, movies can be downloaded easily by accessing the Hindi Movies4u Bollywood Movie 2019 site through another domain.


Join Telegram Channel for new Hollywood and Hindi films

Friends, today we can also download new movies through WhatsApp, Telegram app. So if you are a Telegram user then you will get to see many such movie channels on Telegram! From where you can download new movies, all you have to do is write the name of that movie channel in the search bar!

And as soon as you join that movie channel! Then you will get updates of the latest Bollywood and Hollywood films there. A link to such a movie channel is given below, which you can get the latest movie updates by connecting to Telegram for free.

Join Now Telegram

Alternative Sites Of Hindi Movies4u Bollywood 2020

Friends, these were websites using which you can download new movies! Friends, these are all popular sites on which new movies are updated. So instead of movies 4u, you can also use these websites to watch the latest movies.

Friends, till now we have learned a lot about the Movie 4u site, now we will get other important information related to this website.

MovierulzBEST HD MOVIES9xMovies

Why is the Movies4u site so popular?

Friends visit the film Movies4u Telugu  website to download the movie not only in India but also from all over the world! So every month, millions of visitors can visit this website and download the latest movies.

And the main reason why this website is popular is that movies are uploaded here! It is free, so it becomes very easy for the users to watch the latest movies through this website. In addition, different types of movies are available on different types of sites, so users can watch the movies they want from the Hindi Movies4u Bollywood Movie 2019 site, plus one more thing for users to know.

Is it legal to watch movies from the movie4u site?

Knowing friends unconsciously but watching movies from here is unethical or illegal. Because Hindi Movies4u Bollywood Movie 2019 is a pirated website and it is illegal to upload, distribute and download movies from any pirated website in India! And if someone is found to be doing so, strict action can be taken.

Therefore, it is not legal to watch movies from here, as it is a legal offense under the Copyright Act 1957 to use films or any material with copyright. But non-copyrighted films are uploaded to pirated sites like Hindi Movies4u Bollywood Movie 2019 in violation of this rule.

But if someone is caught downloading these pirated movies or uploading these pirated movies, then there is a provision for 3 to 6 years of imprisonment and heavy fines. Therefore, watching movies from this site can prove to be risky.

Why are pirated websites banned in India?

Friends, the main reason for stopping piracy in other countries of the world including India is to stop illegal work! Because on one hand these sites upload pirated movies or other content to the site without copyright, on the other hand the film industry suffers huge losses due to this activity.

Because films made by filmmakers with budgets of crores of rupees suffer due to these pirated websites, we all know that filmmakers make money from movie tickets, so the more the movie tickets are sold, the more the filmmaker Only earn. But today, due to these pirated websites, filmmakers are losing their place of profit.

Because this pirated website leaks that new film on that site as soon as the new film is released on screen or before it multiple times, which allows the user to watch the new movies for free. Due to which the film industry is losing crores, billions of rupees every year. And many times the Bollywood industry has also requested viewers to “go to theaters to see the latest movie”.

So that’s it for today! Hope you like the information given. If you liked this article today, then share it with your friends on social media too.


Theft of any Original Content is a punishable offense. BlogHindiMe strongly opposes every type of action. The article shown here is only to provide you with information about illegal activities.

We request you to stay away from these types of websites and choose the right way to download or watch movies.

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