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What is Domain Authority and how to increase Domain Authority

what is page authority

What is da Domain page Authority Today, every blogger and site owner has the same objective and is:

Getting to the first page in Google search engine.

What is Domain Authority There are many web metrics of search engines, but one web metric which has become the most important in the world of SEO in a short time is the Domain Authority (DA).

what is page authority

If you are in the blogging field, then you must have heard about Domain Authority (DA) and if you do not have complete information about this important web metric, then you must read this article. It is written for specific beginners.

What is Domain Authority and how to increase Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority Domain Authority is a grade or a score that ranges between 0-100, this grade gives Moz (a very famous company in Moz USA which offers a lot of SEO tools and analytical tools.). According to which it is decided that what a website is ranking on Google and other search engines.

A website which has more DA, it also gets good score in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Do you want to know how you can increase the DA of your website?

In this post, I will tell about 7 such successful ways by which you will be able to increase the DA of your website.

Why is it so difficult to increase the domain authority of your website?

The increasing domain authority of your website increases the chances of your website getting good ranking on Google and other search engines. DA is very important for search engine ranking.

Let us know some special facts about Domain Authority:

  • More than 40 signals are taken into consideration when calculating Domain Authority.
  • Websites that rank high on search engines have a high DA.
  • High or Good Domain Authority -> high or good search engine rankings -> more traffic.
  • Domain authority does not grow overnight.

To increase your DA score, there are certain things to study.

How to increase website’s Domain Authority?

You cannot buy Domain Authority or steal it from anyone. To raise your DA score you need to create a tremendous strategy. Thousands will have to write very good articles and a lot of patience will have to be done.

If your DA is close to 10 or 15 then it will not be difficult to bring it down to 30 or 40, it can happen in a short time, but yes if you want to take DA score above 50, then your work will be very difficult and slow. is.

Let’s go ahead and know about 7 ways –

Step : 1 Publish High Quality Content

To get a good DA score, you have to write a quality content. Everyone likes the different and best content. If you want to write a quality content, then you have to make a strategy.

The length of your content should be longer. Also, your content should be unique and keyword targeted.

Always remember these phrases:

Content is the best.

Content only attracts visitors and you cannot compromise on the quality of the content. You can make your content even more attractive and interesting by using pictures, GIFs, and videos.

A good picture has the ability to explain a thousand words.

You can also use infographics. This will make your content popular and viral.

The length of a good content should be good. Must be at least 800 words.

Some of the following things should be kept in mind:

  1. Do not copy someone else’s post.
  2. Instead of using the same word again and again, use its synonyms.
  3. Apart from your subject matter, do not confuse anything else or useless information and do not deviate from your subject.
  4. You should write your content like a professional.

Step : 2 On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is another method of optimization. It plays a very important role in moving your DA from bottom to top.

what is page authority

This includes some technical factors such as the title of your page or post, keyword placement and keyword density. Below is a simple list that will help you in On-Page Optimization in your website in the right way:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Let it be between 1.5% – 2%.
  • Heading tags- Use highlighting tags (H1, H2, H3 etc.) to highlight the main points of your article.
  • Use the right keyword for targeted keyword- blog posts. Use long-tail keywords more because they are easier to rank. Make sure to use your main keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Image optimization- To optimize SEO status, you optimize images.

If you do not do SEO properly then it will be very difficult to rank the website on Google. On-Page Optimization is a great technique to bring visitors to the website. SEO done properly will increase your Domain Authority.

We have written a separate article on On Page SEO which you must read before proceeding:

Step : 3 Internal Linking is the key to Domain Authority

The best example is Wikipedia with DA score 100.

With internal linking done properly, you can reduce the bounce rate of the website. Bounce rate means how many minutes your visitors were on your blog. If they were for a lot of time, it means that your Bounce rate is very high and these are not good signs.

By linking your old posts, you can make your current post even more informative and attractive.

what is page authority

But keep in mind that you link those old posts which match the topic of the present post.

With this, the search engine bots will easily crawl the content of your site. Internal linking increases the authority of the website.

In order to effectively do an internally link, it is necessary to have each internal link do-follow.

Step : 4 Generate High Quality Links For Your Site

Create High Quality Links for the Site.

Many bloggers and webmasters make a mistake in this matter. They create low-quality links and damage the ranking of their site on Google.

Let me tell you where you are wrong:

Many bloggers use rubbish methods that do not benefit the site at all.

For example – they buy links from Fiverr and with the help of some sites they make thousands of backlinksin a short time.

I mean to say that people work hard day and night to make high-quality backlinks but still make mistakes. It is not that they are wrong. But let’s make low-quality links for sites, whose brunt reads the site. Many times Google penalizes sites with low-quality links.

But now you must be thinking how to make high-quality links?

I would advise you to adopt the methods given below.

1. Share your content on Social networking sites

The Domain Authority of almost all social media sites is very good and when we share blog posts on sites like Facebook and Twitter, the posts reach countless audiences.

It is important to share and promote very good content as well. Do not become a spammer, but make a good plan. Sharing on social media is also a skill. A good strategy and a lot of hard work is required to succeed in this thing.

2. Guest posting

Guest posting is the surest way to increase the authority of your brand. In this way, not only your DA will improve but referral traffic will also increase. This technique is more effective than blog commenting.
But nowadays spamming in the name of guest posting is happening on many sites. Guest bloggers are adopting wrong methods like putting lots of links in a post and writing low-quality content.

You should not do this at all.

Guest posting is a very good way, if done correctly. To get more benefit of this technique, keep in mind some of the main points given below-

  • Think of something different and unique and create very good and accurate content.
  • Guest posting on high authority sites
  • Forbid link stuffing
  • Guest posting only on authority sites related to the topic of your site.
  • Insert related links in the post

3. Content is Natural Link Builder

This means that if your content is good, it is easy to read and understand and is giving full information, it will not only benefit your site and your readers but will also help your other sites as well. Let us understand by an example.

Suppose I have written a wonderful post and if a boy named Rohit found my post to be different and related to his post, Rohit will link his post with my post so that his post will become interesting and informative. This gave me a link and Rohit’s own post got better.

Write similar linkable content and natural links will come to you on your own.

Apart from this, there are ways to make even more secure and high-quality links, which work like magic.

Step : 5 Remove bad and harmful links

To maintain the position of your site on Google, it is very important to remove bad and harmful links from time to time. These tasks are as important as getting quality links.

You have to keep your link profile clean and flawless. Many bloggers do not pay attention to this. If you do not remove bad and harmful links from time to time, your position in SERPs will deteriorate.

Bad links will directly affect your Domain Authority because having a good link profile is necessary for high DA score.

Step : 6 Be patient and let your domain grow old

The age of the domain will help increase your site ranking and DA score. If your site is 3 or 4 years old and is still being updated, it means that you have been working on it for a long time. It also means that you are writing quality content on your site and your site is not a spam site.

Old websites rank even better on Google Search results.

If your website is only one or two months old, then you do not have to worry about DA score and keyword ranking. Just keep writing quality content, your DA will keep increasing with time.

what is page authority

Domain age is an important aspect of SEO. But this does not mean that new websites cannot rank and DA cannot increase, but it will take some time.

Therefore, be patient and keep working. As time progresses, its DA and ranking will also improve. You know BlogHindiMe has been booked for 6 years ahead.

Step : 7 Publish content regularly

To keep your blog updated, you have to publish content from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions => How often should I publish a blog?

I would like to say regularly publish blog.

Publish content regularly
It is not easy to publish blog regularly but yes if you do then it will be easy to improve Domain Authority.
There are many bloggers who are not regular in this matter and they feel the ups and downs in DA. If you keep posting blog regularly then your DA will increase and if not done it will decrease.

There are some other advantages of regular posting such as –

  • Higher traffic, higher earning, higher page rank.
  • There will be many quality content for links.
  • Your writing ability will increase
  • You will always get something new which you will be able to share with readers, conversions and sales will increase.
I have realized that the more I write, the more I will get traffic. If you are also regular then you will also feel this.

Check Bonus: Domain Authority

It is very important that you keep checking your site’s DA score, especially for a month. This will make your site strong.

High DA means high search engine ranking.

There are many Domain Authority checker tools that are free. You can find the DA for you and your competitors.

How to check DA

How to check DA

  • Go to Open Site Explorer
  • Enter your website URL
  • Then click on Search button to find DA, Page Authority and Spam Score.

It is very difficult to get a good and high DA and time also takes a lot, but I assure you that if you adopt all the methods mentioned above, you will definitely reach high DA.

Adopt all methods and increase your DA score without doubt.

This is all I want to say to you. You can ask any question without hesitation by commenting.

what is page authority

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Vikash Kumarhttps://bloghindime.com
I am the founder of this blog and a professional blogger. Here I regularly share useful and helpful information for my readers.


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